DIT Export Opportunities in Barbados and Eastern Caribbean

21 May 2021

THE Department of International Trade has issued its latest export opportunities newsletter which provides some insights and updates on live and upcoming commercial opportunities in the markets of Barbados, Antigua, Dominica, Grenada, St. Kitts & Nevis, St. Lucia and St. Vincent and Grenadines.

Should you require any additional information or wish to pursue trade and investment opportunities in any of these markets our team is here to help, please feel free to contact us here.

UK Department for International Trade

Barbados Office

British High Commission to Barbados & Eastern Caribbean.


Current Commercial Opportunities

In case there is interest, please see a selection of commercial opportunities currently active in the Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean markets below:



Development of a Caribbean blended finance for resilience fund

[Caribbean Development Bank]

Deadline: Friday May 31st 2021 [more here]



Personal Tank Program and Rainwater Harvesting program for the Barbados Water Authority

[Green Climate Fund]

Deadline: Thursday May 27th 2021 [more here]



Professional services and engineering consultants for development of a logistics hub

[World Food Programme]

Deadline: Monday May 24th 2021 [more here]



Consultancy to conduct environmental and Social Impact assessment of the offshore environment

[Green Climate Fund]

Deadline: Friday May 21st 2021 [more here]



Web Design and Tourism Outreach Consultancy

[World Bank]

Deadline: Friday May 28thh 2021[more here]



Fund Design Consultancy

[Global Green Growth Institute]

Deadline: Thursday May 31st 2021 [more here]


St. Kitts and Nevis

Consultancy to conduct comprehensive gap analysis, stakeholder engagement plan and capacity development plan  

[Green Climate Fund]

Deadline: Wednesday 2nd June 2021 [more here]


St. Lucia

Consultancy to build Capacity of NDA on GCF Operational Modalities and Project Development Investment

[Green Climate Fund]

Deadline: Friday May 28th 2021 [more here]



Development and Implementation of Lab Specimen Transport Legislation

[World Bank]

Deadline: Friday May 28th 2021 [more here]

You can track active commercial opportunities like those listed above on the DIT’s Exporting Is Great (EIG) website. To learn more click here. In addition, our office can assist with the print, preparation and submission of hard copies of commercial bids for any of the opportunities listed above for a small fee. For more information please contact sherry-ann.blackett@fco.gov.uk  


Recent Project Announcements and Upcoming Procurement Opportunities

Please see below a selection of recent project announcements and upcoming procurement opportunities that our team is keeping track of:


US$46.2million project to increase resilience to hurricanes in the building sector in Antigua and Barbuda approved

The Green Climate Fund recently approved the project which will address resilience in the building industry and climate information systems. Upcoming procurement opportunities associated with this project will include but are not limited to i)development of site-specific engineering designs for 52 priority buildings ii)development of site specific operational procedures for long-term maintenance.  Read more in the project overview here.


US$30million project to boost renewable energy and energy efficiency in Barbados approved

Through the Sustainable Energy Investment Program (Smart Fund II) Barbados will aim to reduce its dependence on imported fossil fuels by investing in renewable energy capacity and energy efficiency through a loan approved from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). Upcoming procurement opportunities associated with this project will include but are not limited to i)expansion of the government electric vehicle fleet and charging infrastructure. Read more here.


Barbados government exploring Ocean energy technology

The Barbados government is considering having ocean energy technology operational on island to contribute to the Barbados National Energy policy target of 100 percent renewables by 2030. The government made this announcement after a recent feasibility assessment completed by an international consortia of firms including UK firm ITP Energised. Read more here.


US$15million project to Digitise Government in Grenada commences

In 2019 the World Bank approved the Grenada Digital Government for Resilience project. The project’s main objective is to enhance the efficiency, usage and resilience of selected government digital services. The project is being implemented by the Ministry of Infrastructure who have since started procurement for certain elements of the project. Outstanding procurement opportunities include but are not limited to i) the digitisation of government records ii) development of enterprise architecture iii) procurement of an off-the-shelf tax system and more. Read more here.


US$20million project to enhance the St. Lucia airport approved

The World Bank approved US$20million project to improve the operational safety and enhance resilience of Saint Lucia’s airport infrastructure to natural disasters. Upcoming procurement opportunities associated with this project will include but are not limited to i) improvement of the operational safety and flood disaster resilience of the runway ii)modernisation of the air navigation systems and iii)strengthening of institutional capacity. Read more here.


US$8.6million Caribbean Development Bank(CDB) project approved to support solar in St. Vincent and Grenadines The CDB is supporting St. Vincent and the Grenadines’ push to expand and increase its range of renewable energy options through a planned solar energy project. Upcoming procurement opportunities associated with this project will include but are not limited to i)supply and installation of solar PV systems ii) establishment of a battery energy storage system. Read more here.  

For more information about any of the opportunities listed or support and insight on local supply chains and more please contact us here.


UK trade and investment updates  

DIT and the Inter-American Development Bank co-host procurement webinar for interested UK suppliers The DIT Washington office in collaboration with the IDB recently co-hosted an information session giving an overview of the Bank’s procurement practices and sharing detail of the soon to relaunched procurement website. To access material from the session view link. For more detail on IDB procurement and global strategy contact Washington colleagues cristina.pirela@mobile.trade.gov.uk and rebecca.nowlan@mobile.trade.gov.uk


UK Export Finance doubles support for sustainable projects

UK Export Finance, the UK’s export credit guarantee agency, has provided over £2.4billion of financial support to sustainable projects in 2020 helping UK business to build new hospitals, bring clean energy and develop critical infrastructure in developing countries. You can learn more about UKEF services and products on offer here.  


UK government pledges to double its contribution to the Green Climate Fund

The UK government has pledged continued support to the Green Climate Fund which is the largest climate fund and central financial mechanism dedicated to supporting developing countries to reduce global emissions and adapt to the effects of climate change. Recently the GCF has approved funding for projects in Antigua, Barbados, Grenada and the wider Eastern Caribbean. Read more about the UK’s pledge here.


Aer Lingus announces new flights to Barbados

Aer Lingus will launch a new direct, non-stop transatlantic flight from Manchester Airport to Barbados along with three other destinations this coming October. The service will commence with three flights a week offering connection from Barbados to other markets in the Caribbean. Read more here.


Upcoming Events

DIT Webinar: Procurement with the World Bank 10.00 EST/15.00 BST, Thursday 10 June 2021. 

Colleagues from the World Bank Group have agreed to host an information webinar for UK suppliers to discuss WBG procurement procedures, upcoming opportunities and best-practice. The webinar will benefit UK suppliers, consultants and contractors who have an interest or history of delivering government procurement contracts successfully in the UK or globally. To attend this session, please register here.


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