The Queen praises Chambers’ contribution to business communities during coronavirus as more firms reopen

07 September 2020

The Queen - praising work of the Chamber.

THE British Caribbean Chamber of Commerce and its UK partner, the Hull & Humber Chamber of Commerce, have been sent a message from Her Majesty The Queen.

The letter from Her Majesty, reads: “At a time of great difficulty for many, it is heart-warming to see the civic response and generosity of so many businesses, small and large, to the challenges posed, whether supporting the health sector or vulnerable communities.”

Her Majesty also recognised the contribution Chambers of Commerce and their members have made during the pandemic: “It gives me great pride to see the contribution you and your members are making to help firms, champion trade and rebuild communities.”

Welcoming the letter, the Chief Executive of the British Caribbean Chamber of Commerce, Dr Ian Kelly, said: “The Queen’s personal message of support will be a huge morale boost to our business communities at this complex and sensitive time.

“We are grateful that Her Majesty has recognised the role we play in supporting businesses and communities through the pandemic.”

Here is the Queen's letter in full:

Queen letter

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