01 February 2003

ON the British Caribbean Chamber’s first trade mission to Havana, Cuba, in February 2003, neither the British Chamber, Cuban Chamber, or Cuban Foreign Ministry Officials were put off their trade visit by the British and American Governments’ decision to invade Iraq. BCCC CEO Dr Ian Kelly (left), with Cuba Chamber of Commerce colleagues and Cuba’s Foreign Ministry official for Europe.


01 November 2001

SIR Charles (Charlie) Griffiths, the great West Indian right-arm fast bowler discusses his triumphs at The Oval with Pauline Wade, the British Caribbean Chamber of Commerce’s Deputy Chief Executive at “Ben Mar”, the residence of the British High Commissioner to Barbados, in November 2001.

02 October 2001

A LIGHTER moment shared between the Hon Mervyn Assam, Trinidad and Tobago Minister for Trade and UK Industry Minister the Rt Hon Alan Johnson MP during the British Caribbean Chamber’s inaugural trade mission to Port of Spain in 2001.

“The British are back with a bang” was the headline in the local paper, the Express Business, in Trinidad, following the Chamber’s official launch. The formation of the British Caribbean Chamber of Commerce also received a thumbs-up from the Queen.

However, it was noted that trade would not be all one way, as Europe is the Caribbean’s second largest export market with 17% of goods, services and intellectual capital. Chief Executive Dr Kelly said: “It’s a two-way flow, this isn’t a British Chamber in Trinidad or Barbados, it is a British Caribbean Chamber, so we are looking to help Caribbean businesses who want to trade in the UK and Europe as well”.

British High Commissioner to Trinidad and Tobago, Peter Harborne, explained: “What we aim for in the fullness of time is something that will add value to the work we do.

UK Industry Minister, Alan Johnson, joined the trade mission to the Caribbean following his visit to Cuba and the Havana trade fair. During a trip to Tobago, he saw first-hand the significance of the island’s growing tourism to the UK.

01 October 2001

BRITISH High Commissioner for Trinidad and Tobago, Peter Harborne (left) with Rt Hon Alan Johnson MP (centre), the UK Minister for Industry and Dr Ian Kelly, CEO of the British Caribbean Chamber of Commerce, pictured during the official launch of the British Caribbean Chamber of Commerce in Port of Spain, Trinidad, in October 2001.

01 March 2001

IN one of his first acts as Chairman of The British Caribbean Chamber as its first appointed official for the BCCC in Trinidad and Tobago, David Evans (centre), a Scarborough resident, is welcomed by Orville London (left) the newly-appointed Chief Secretary of the Tobago House of Assembly.


02 February 2001

THE British Caribbean Chamber’s Chief Executive, Dr Ian Kelly (left), enjoying a visit in the footsteps of Horatio Nelson at Port Royal in Jamaica, hosted by the British Deputy High Commissioner for the island, Jim Malcolm. The plaque on the wall says: In this place dwelt Horatio Nelson – You who tread his footprints remember his glory.

01 February 2001

BRITISH Caribbean Chamber Chief Executive Dr Ian Kelly and Deputy Pauline Wade open their Port of Spain office in February 2001 thanks to the support of the Chief Executive of the Trinidad and Tobago Chamber, Hubert Alleyne.


01 July 2000

THE President of British Chambers of Commerce Anthony Goldstone (left) endorsing the establishment of the British Caribbean Chamber of Commerce in 2000 with Dr Ian Kelly, Chief Executive of Hull & Humber Chamber of Commerce (right).